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Your contributions will fuel the programs we offer, the care of our horses, and the financial scholarships to those in need.

We rely on the support of the community for the sustainability of our operations currently and for generations to come.


Amazing care for amazing animals 
At Reigning Hope Ranch, our horses are our partners. They are an equal participant in each session, and they provide valuable information to our instructors, equine specialist, and therapists about the wellbeing of our clients.

Our horses read body language and emotions far better than humans. They are able to mirror the emotions of their rider or partner through body language, facial expressions, and behavior which allows us to be more attuned to our clients. 

It takes great care to keep our horses healthy both physically and mentally. Each horse receives high quality grain to match their dietary needs based on body condition, age, and level of activity. As most of our herd falls in the senior age group, additional supplements are needed to support their aging bodies to keep them happy and active for as long as possible. They get daily supplementation to support hormonal anxiety for our girls, joint care for our senior horses, vitamins and minerals to replace geographical deficiencies in our hay, and digestive support. Each horse also receives regular visits from our veterinarian, our farrier every 6 weeks, and dental exams every 3 months to 1 year depending on needs. 

Providing this care comes with a high price tag. On average, each horse costs $4,000-$5,000 annually. Sponsoring a horse would provide great financial assistance to Reigning Hope Ranch. When you sponsor a RHR therapy horse, you will receive a personal gift from them as a small token of gratitude. Sponsors will be proudly named next to their chosen horse on social media and our website.

We believe in our mission to support the individuals in need throughout our community. Please consider sponsoring one of our amazing horses either through a monthly donation or a one-time gift to help make this possible.


Click on the individual images to sponsor that horse!

Little Scout

Little Scout 

Little Scout is a 14-years old mini horse/shetland pony cross. He is a steady pony for our littlest of riders, and he is sure to bring a smile to anyone who interacts with him. Don't let his small size fool you. There is a lot of personality in this little guy. He is quite an imp for sure.


Cost of care: $1,689 annually, $140 monthly, $5 daily


Amir is a 6-year-old Arabian who was rescued by the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals. He spent a year in training after being wild for the first five years of his life. Amir is the ranch goofball. He loves to play and interact with people and is extremely expressive. While he is still in training for mounted work, he loves working with people on the ground. He will have a long life at RHR


Cost of care: $3686 annually, $307 monthly, $10 daily)


Darwin is our tiniest of horses. Although he cannot be ridden or pull carts, his love and affection melts the hearts of all who develop a bond with him. Darwin is a quiet but silly little guy with experience visiting schools and nursing homes. Because of his compact size, he is able to be an ambassador for Reigning Hope and the therapeutic benefit that horses have on people.


Cost of care: $1,689 annually, $140 monthly, $5 daily


Sondi is a 19-year-old paint from New Hampshire. She has years of experience working in a lesson program with beginner to intermediate riders. Sondi still has plenty of spice for more experienced riders, but also is sweet and gentle on lead for timid and nervous beginners. Sondi is still learning some of the various jobs that a therapy horse performs and has taken every obstacle in stride.

Cost of care: $3792 annually, $316 monthly, $10 daily


Big Scout

Big Scout is the kindest and gentlest soul at Reigning Hope Ranch. He is able to calm the fears and anxieties of children and adults who visit the barn. He is our nannie horse who genuinely strives to always give his best and truly takes care of his rider's safety. Scout is the definition of a gentleman.

Cost of care: $4965 annually, $414 monthly, $14 daily





Katie is solid twenty-year-old Cleveland Bay with a solid resume of equine therapy. She has incredible discernment when understanding and meeting the needs of her riders. Her strong personality can challenge when needed, but she can also shoulder the heaviest of burdens brought to sessions by clients. Katie is a leader and a teacher in so many ways.

Cost of care: $5,133 annually, $428 monthly, $14 daily



Daisy is a seventeen-year-old girl with her own story of survival. Daisy was rescued from a field where she and a small herd had been abandoned with no food, water, or proper shelter in February of 2021. While in some ways she is still healing from her own trauma, she has a special way of connecting with people who are also on their own healing journey.


Cost of care: $4,910 annually, $409 monthly, $13 daily

Gizmo is a twenty-five year old Arabian/Saddlebred national show horse that has been trained in just about every discipline; from dressage and hunter/jumper, to western barrel racing. He is our trail horse extraordinaire and has taught children and adults alike to ride in lesson programs throughout his life. This sweet old man will do just about anything for donut munchkins and scratches, and will make you fall in love in no time. Gizmo is currently being used in all skill level lessons and services that we provide.

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