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Our other residents include three very nosy goats, a flock of laying chickens, two shy barn kitties, and two sweet-as-sugar Holland Lop bunnies! 

Alyssa Thurlow from WABI-5 came to the ranch on July 22nd to meet the horses and took the time to learn more about our mission. Her story has allowed our organization’s name to reach further into the community; opening the door for people to connect with us. 


ORRINGTON, Maine (WABI) - There’s something to be said about the bond between a horse and a human.

An Orrington woman has created a safe environment for those struggling mentally, physically, or spiritually to heal - with the help of horses. 
“When all of your senses are occupied with a horse, it is really impossible to be thinking or being anywhere else,” said Jenna Baillargeon, Founder of Reigning Hope Ranch.


Baillargeon knows all too well that feeling of acceptance and love from a horse.

“They are a mirror to our own souls,” she said. “So, it is impossible to lie to them, which is another great thing because then you have that full, and honest communication with them and can develop that trust with another being.”


Three years ago she hit a breaking point in her life. She was diagnosed with severe chronic PTSD. As she dealt with her fear, brokenness, and hurt, she was able to stay grounded through therapy sessions. After those sessions, she found healing through a friend’s horse.

“It was definitely a difficult time in my life and the horses just really provided me with therapy that was impossible to get from anything else,” she said.


In December 2020, she and her family relocated down the road to a home on 8 1/2 acres.

There the idea for Reigning Hope Ranch came alive. It will be an equine assisted therapy center open to people of all ages and needs.

“There is something to be said about being outside with animals in a private, safe environment with unconditional support and love from anybody that is going to be participating in leadership here in this program,” Baillargeon said.


All programs at the ranch will be funded through grants, donors, and fundraising campaigns.

The goal is to offer services to people regardless of their financial opportunity.

Baillargeon hopes to partner with local schools, veterans, and even those battling Alzheimer’s.

“Anything that I can do to help improve the quality of life for anyone that has had struggles, I want to be able to do that,” she said.


Reigning Hope Ranch is slated to open Spring 2022.

And as you may already know, it does take a lot of money to keep a ranch running.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help cover hay for the therapy horses.

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